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Septic Services

Westar Plumbing - Septic Services

Besides offering a full and complete range of plumbing services, Westar Plumbing can do all things septic: install, repair, clean - including hydro-jetting - and pump. They are an authorized dealer for Remediators that can greatly improve and extend the life of failing systems. Having the right equipment and a trained staff, Westar is often the choice of government agencies. They have a reputation of being able to tackle complex and large septic problems. When needed, they have the know-how to approach to septic challenges in innovative ways.

Westar Plumbing Team

Hydro Jetting

Many times your sewer pipes can become clogged with grease, roots, or soap scum. Westar Plumbing has state-of-the-art-equipment to help in problem detection as well as pipe cleaning. Our Yuma residents can take advantage of our great services such as sewer cameras. These special cameras go into the pipe to find what type of clog you have and are prefect for troubleshooting persistent clogs or those that return every few months. We also offer hydro jetting which is available to clear your pipes with strong bursts of water. This is the most efficient way of keeping your pipes clean and clear.

And if you have a restaurant, Westar Plumbing does grease trap cleaning and pumping!

When things aren’t going down the tubes the way they should, Westar will make it all flow right! And remember, they are always on call for emergencies 24/7 - 365 - and that includes holidays.

Call us today at Office 928-344-5543‚Äč or fill out our online contact form.


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